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"Ugh, could you just leave me alone?! It's so hard, this job is already hard enough and I have a low pay, I can't even afford to work here!" --Mary

Mary Rose Smith, 31 (born April 1,1986) is a rude and anti-social office worker at the Collencour Corporation.


Mary was born in The City of London, London on April 1, 1986. A few years after her birth, her parents abandoned her and so she was adopted, after that, she was shy and anti-social because she lost trust because of her parents. According to her foster parents,"Mary is really shy and really just basically an introvert."

In 2013, Mary and her foster parents, moved to U.S.A. as she wanted to study, after her study, she alone moved to Vulcanese Republic to work at Collencour Corporation.

Message from the IT Manager, Jay Tech,"I really feel sorry for her, while she is going to work here, I will try my best to let her gain her confidence and trust again. For now, she're just this mess..."