Zara, when I was a young girl, a lot of people didn't want to be my friend at school. Everyone kept bullying me about my appearance, and every time I tried to tell a teacher they couldn't do much about it. So I learned that the best way to overcome that was to simply avoid them, and find people who support you in tough times. I'm glad that I have a friend like you, Zara.

Kaylee Michelle Millis (born July 2, 1993) is a very social office worker working at the Collencour Corporation.


Kaylee was born in Arkon, Vulcanese Republic on July 2, 1993. A week after her birth, she and her family moved to Freshwater, Vulcanese Republic and spent her whole life there. According to her parents and friends, she really enjoyed playing netball and hanging out with her sister.

In 2015, she joined Collencour Corporation, she started off as a bad intern, but slowly did better and better. She described her bosses and colleagues as kind, loving, but sometimes, also very disturbing. Her current rank is Head of Shipping Services.

Message from the IT Manager, Jay Tech, "She is a very social and active girl, she always loves to help out others as good as possible. I wish she would keep up the good work and soon enough, help us earn the most amount of shipping services in the year."

Personal life

Before joining the Collencour Corporation, Kaylee spent a lot of time playing netball in Freshwater and its surrounding coastal towns along with her sister Chloe. It was once believed that in celebration of a goal, Kaylee sprained her ankle and was substituted for the rest of the match.

She also made friends with Zara before they joined Collencour Corporation together, while she made friends with Rachel shortly after getting her internship. Kaylee also hangs out with Eva occasionally.

According to her parents, Kaylee is in a relationship with her sister since they hang out so much. The best things they like to do together are practicing netball skills, hugging each other, and chatting about the things that interest them.

Relationships with other people

Kaylee does not like hanging out with people she doesn't know very well, or people who give her a hard time. At the Collencour Corporation office, she has her own desk on the top floor, and she describes this area as a 'peaceful break from the noisy workers downstairs.'

Although Kaylee doesn't have many friends, she still likes being by herself or with one person from time to time.


Kaylee is a bright, happy, and loving girl who sometimes likes to be in authority. She wanted to be a policewoman working for the Vulcanese Republic Police Service, but Chloe and her parents managed to talk her out of it and instead give her a job at Collencour Corporation. Kaylee tends to be shy towards other people, particularly when she's introduced to new people.


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