"Woof woof woof!"

-- Gabe

Gabe (born August 3, 2015) is a white dog and is the owner of Jay Tech, the IT Manager.


Gabe was born in Singapore and then, sadly, abandoned, after a year, Jay adopted him, and then they moved to Vulcanese Republic to work at Collencour Corporation. According to Jay, he is very active and loves to "bork" (bark).

Message from Jay Tech, the IT Manager,"Gabe is the best pet I've ever had, he'll always live in my heart, I wish he would be with me forever..."

Personal Life

During Gabe's personal life, he always love to go for jogs, also, loves playing with other doggos.

One day, on July 23, 2016, he had an accident and had to be separated from his owner for a month, Jay was deeply saddened and the moment he had him back, he always play with him everyday, and now, even bring him to work.