I consider myself lucky, I was born and raised well in this glorious country, I had a lot of friends and it all gone well... When I was 7, me and my family had to go through the financial crisis, it was tough, we barely have enough food to eat! After the financial crisis,I decided to drop-out from school and start working to support my family, I had a lot of interviews and I keep getting denied, until I found this company called Collencour Corporation. Till this day, I still work there, and I am happy...


Eva Allie Windsor was born in Kaiser City, Vulcanese Republic on July 26, 1989. She was living a good life and no school yet. Almost a decade after her birth, the financial crisis happened, just when she was about to start school. Her family was doing badly as her parent's companies that they worked at has filed for bankruptcy and shutted down.

They barely had enough money to buy food and water. They survived off of cans of tomato soup and only plain water, not like our current self, with all kind of food and drinks. Meanwhile, her parents decided to teach her some things so she can work immediately after the financial crisis.

After the financial crisis, she decided to not enter school and immediately start working. She got denied multiple jobs, and it took around a month for her to find a job, Collencour Corporation. She stated that her boss, Jack Green, is very kind to her ever since she joined, he is considered the best boss ever to her.